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Note: This page is intentionally awful. It's more or less the first HTML web page I ever wrote when I was in college and I deliberately made it bad back then, so it's even worse now.

Easily make autorun CDs that launch html pages or other documents with GoRun, a versatile FREE launcher utility.

My Mighty Mighty Bosstones Page.

My Enlight 7237 Computer Case Modification page.

An archived copy of an article on modifying a PPGA socket 370 motherboard to use a FCPGA Processor.

Pictures of my successful Abit BM6 Celeron II 1.1GHz Coppermine 128 processor upgrade..

Instructions on how to hack the Plextor Manager 2000 to use FreeDB instead of CDDB.

An archived copy of a great article entitled, Why Your Fabulous Job Sucks.

The Windows 98 MSCONFIG Startup List Reference Guide.

I've written a PHP page that creates a Printable Calendar for this month.

Do you enjoy Rock 'N' Roll Racing on the SNES? I hacked the password codes and found another secret character, The Phantom.

Here's a picture to make you think: Davros & Lucy - Separated at birth?.

Aren't LEGO building blocks great?


Clockgen for ICS952607

CopyQM Disk Copy Utility

Creative Labs Unified 3Dfx Glide Wrapper

Dazzle Digital Video Creator II Drivers and Software

Liquid Resize Retarget Seam Carving Application

MP3 Library

A Java version of the Fanorona game by David Eppstein

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