Windows 95 and Windows 2000 do not ship with the MSCONFIG utility. However, the Windows 98 version of MSCONFIG works perfectly fine on Windows 95, and the Windows XP version of MSCONFIG works perfectly fine on Windows 2000. So for the convenience of users of these systems, I've bundled them up with installers for your configging pleasure. Check them out and let me know how they work for you:

MSCONFIG for Windows 95 ONLY (taken from Windows 98) (364K)

MSCONFIG for Windows 2000 ONLY (taken from Windows XP) (350K)

Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows XP already have MSCONFIG.
Users of these systems DO NOT need to download anything.

I was recently contacted by a great guy named Sylvain Prevost who sent me a copy of his startup list database. It's aimed primarily at Compaq owners but the information is valid for everyone else as well. It's FAR more complete than mine will ever probably be so I decided to post it in it's entirety on my site. Thanks a bunch, Sylvain! Check it out here: Sylvain's Startup List

I've found come other pages that might help with items that aren't on either of the lists here.

First, for Dell owners, check out Startup Problems. This page is from information gathered on DellTalk.

Then, check out Pacman's Portal - Startup Tips which, I'm afraid is quite a bit more comprehensive then my pages.