How To Make Plextor Manager 2000
Use FreeDB Instead Of CDDB

First off, some of you might be asking yourself,
"Why would anyone want to do this?"

For an answer, please read this article on
Access denied: A copyright battle (

Here's another great page with a lot to say on the subject: (

To patch Plextor Manager 2000 to access the FreeDB instead of CDDB, you have to use your favorite hex/binary editor to modify the Plextor executable files.
I used UltraEdit (

  • Open the File "m2k.exe" in your hex editor.
  • Search for the string ""
  • Replace it with
  • Save the exe file
Now start the Plextor CD-Player.
Go to the configurations tab "CDDB" and click on "Get server list".
Now select the nearest server.

Now do the same procedure with the "a2k.exe" (audio grabber) file.

The information on this page was taken from a submission to by Oliver Fleischmann