Here's a series of pictures I took while upgrading my Abit BM6 v1.03 motherboard with a Celeron II 1.1GHz Coppermine 128 CPU.

I used the techniques illustrated here:

My old Celeron 366 (overclocked to 550)

My bare board with everything removed

The back of the socket on the motherboard

I've marked the pins that I need to solder the jumper wire to

I've connected the jumper wire...It's not pretty but it works

Socket 370 with the top removed and the pin taken out

A closer look at the removed was a major pain to remove without damaging other pins

The new CPU installed (with its retail Intel heatsink & fan)

The BIOS settings needed to make this work...Speed Error Hold MUST be Disabled!!!


And since you asked for it.... BENCHMARKS!!!

SiSoft Sandra Standard
Version 2002.1.8.59
CPU Arithmetic Benchmark
Dhrystone ALU 3035 MIPS
Whetstone FPU 1525 MFLOPS
CPU Multi-Media Benchmark
Integer iSSE 6133 it/s
Floating-Point iSSE 7503 it/s